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Metal Casing Maker Upbeat about 2013 Sales

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 08 February 2013

"We're highly optimistic for 2013 despite global economic uncertainty," said Allen Horng, the company's president, at a press briefing.


Catcher had consolidated sales of US$1.27 billion in 2012, up 3.1 percent annually despite the global economic downturn, and an average gross margin of over 40 percent, according to the executive.


Horng said he was "strongly confident" of the company's growth this year as it has secured more orders from its notebook, tablet and smartphone maker clients.


Both the number of clients and order sizes have increased substantially despite the global economic gloom resulting from the Eurozone debt crisis and the slow pace of economic recovery in the United States, he noted.


Established in 1984, the Tainan-based company has become a key role in the supply chain of many consumer electronics giants worldwide, including Taiwan's HTC Corp., Apple Inc. and Dell Inc. of the United States.


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