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MediCare – TaiHerb - SenCare - P&B

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 29 June 2015

With the mission to open a fresh dimension on health, MediCare Taiwan 2015 with its three concurrent expos - SenCare, TaiHerb and P&B (Parenting & Baby Care) wrapped up June 21. The four day four show venue attracted more than 1,100 international buyers and 60,000+ visitors.

To internationally promote the health industry, TAITRA invited key buyers from the U.S.A., Germany, China, Russia and Poland in order to conduct one-on-one meetings with Taiwan companies.

Many show visitors checked out the special T5 IPC SUV from Taikoo Motors. The new vehicle is tailor designed to make moving easier for wheelchair users and their family.

The Taipei Office of the Interchange Association of Japan (IJA) organized its first-ever delegation of exhibitors comprised of seven Japanese companies who expressed their satisfaction with the show after receiving numerous inquiries from buyers.

Transverse Industries Co. noted how the quality of exhibitors has vastly improved this year. Many visitors showed great interest in their Infrared Laser Therapy Apparatus which uses the infrared wavelengths to promote blood circulation and ease pain. Such new applications have become an emerging trend in the medical industry. Apexcare’s high-end products-automatic adjustable care beds and patient lifts were also welcomed by buyers for their safety and innovation.

SenCare showcased several new products aimed at boosting the comfort and convenience of the elderly. One star exhibitor was Central Transaction Service Co. that offered a line of equipment aimed at boosting mobility of seniors to help them independently bathe and get about.

This year’s P&B (Parenting and Baby Care) returned for the second year. Its focal attraction was the “Toy Festival” for children created by the TCMA (Taiwan Toy & Children’s Article Manufacturers Association). The new area provided the right space and toys to let child better play and bind with their parents. Not only were the toys lots of fun, they were aimed at inspiring kiddie creativity! Many buyers have since expressed interest in further cooperating with the toy producers.

MediCare is executed by TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council), sponsored by BOFT (Bureau of Foreign Trade), and supported by TMICA (Taipei Medical Instruments Commercial Association), TIAT (Telecare Industry Association Taiwan), MIRDC (Metal Industries Research & Development Center) and the HONDAO Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation.

Join this super 4-in-1 Expo when it returns to TWTC Hall 1 next June 16-19, 2016. Registration begins this October for Asia’s exclusive venue that covers the entire lifespan from infants to the elderly - and everything in between.

For more details, click: www.medicaretaiwan.com

Hsieh, Ting-Yu (tingyu@taitra.org.tw)


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