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Malaysia’s Low Birth Rate Drives Up Toy Market for Babies & Toddlers (Part 1)

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 06 October 2010

The population of Malaysia has been gradually aging in the past decade while the birth rate has been decreasing. According to statistics of the National Population and Family Development Board of Malaysia, in 1997 every woman on average gave birth to 3.4 children, but by 2007, the number fell to 2.2. The Board has even predicted that the average birth rate will drop to 2.05 in 2015.

Due to the rise in living standards, the cost of raising children has also increased greatly in Malaysia. Yet, the trend towards fewer children has in fact contributed to parents spending more on fewer, relatively more precious children. Parents are more willing to invest in all kinds of goods for more precious children. The business opportunities extended from such conversely-related trends have actually become quite significant. In the past two years, the demand of Malaysian families for baby and toddler toys has grown considerably. The import value in 2009 exceeded US$25.48 million which is a 20% rise compared to that of 2007.

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