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Major Taiwanese Electronics Manufacturers Join Carbon Footprint Testing

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 05 October 2010

Currently countries around the world still have no standardized testing for granting carbon footprint labels. Taiwan is at the “guiding” stage. The Taiwan government encourages manufacturers to analyze products’ carbon footprints to assist consumers in finding low-carbon, green-energy substitute products. The 32-inch energy-saving LCD TV produced by Taiwan’s major flat-panel-display maker AU Optronics Corps. (AUO) has already received one of the very first carbon footprint labels counseled by the Taiwan government. The labels were awarded to only five companies in Taiwan, and AUO is one of them.

As green energy and the awareness for environmental protection are gradually being paid attention to, the demand for the new-generation lighting—LED lighting equipment—will increase significantly. Taking everything into account, Taiwan’s high-quality LED maker Thermoking Technology International Co. has been cooperating with the government to work on placing carbon footprint labels on its LED lighting equipment. The effort is expected to produce more energy-saving or green-energy lighting equipment. It is hoped that through developing more LED lighting equipment, more carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced during product life cycle as well.

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