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Made-in-Taiwan (MIT) Motorcycle Parts Widely Recognized by the Global Market

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 14 October 2010

During the exhibition period, a “Taiwan Motorcycle International Forum” was held, in which many domestic and overseas motorcycle industry experts were invited to exchange views with Taiwanese manufacturers on the current state of the global motorcycle industry and business opportunities. Senior purchasing executive for renowned Italian motorcycle company Ducati Motors, Mr. Berra Giovanni at the panel of “Competitiveness of Made-in-Taiwan Products and Opportunities for Cooperation Between Taiwanese Companies and Italy's Motorcycle Industry” expressed that Taiwan’s motorcycle industry has been continuously dedicated to research and development, and by now MIT motorcycles and parts are widely recognized by the global market. After half a century’s efforts, Taiwan’s motorcycle and parts industries have become nearly 100% self-sufficient and mature, which is shown through their internationally broadly praised technologies, production quality, and brand image. The 2008 global financial crisis has also reshuffled the global motorcycle market and reconfigured the territories of the US, Europe, and Japan, which has further brought new opportunities to Taiwanese manufacturers.

Electric Scooter Is Taiwan’s Early Entry into the Environmental Protection Industry

Under the global trend of environmental protection, electric scooters have become an important development area. To cut down pollution produced by motorcycles while saving energy, countries around the world have been actively promoting electric scooters. Besides assistance in technology, governments have also been financially encouraging manufacturers at the same time subsidizing buyers of electric scooters. For instance, the Taiwan government has drafted a sales promotion plan of “160,000 Electric Scooters in 4 Years.” Because Taiwan possesses the advantage in the electronics industry, electric scooter is one of the environmental protection sectors that Taiwan first entered. And, in 2010 Motorcycle Taiwan, electric scooters were already one of the bright spots of the show. Taiwanese manufacturers including SYM,CMC Motor (Green Jet), SUPER NOVA, KENTFA Advanced, Asia Pacific Fuel Cell, and Di Ji Ya all displayed their newest electric scooters and parts, attracting inquiries of numerous buyers and visitors. 
TAITRA, with the richest resource on Taiwan’s suppliers, has by now launched a special sample-product sourcing center on Taiwantrade website--“Taiwan –Where Quality Parts Are From”--for buyers to browse Taiwan’s trend-setting automobile and motorcycle parts products. What’s more, not only can buyers have a variety of sample selections to order via PayPal, but they also get a chance to win shopping rebates, up to US$600. To know more, please go to the website http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/MAIN/category/defaultCategories.do?Method=showCategoryOfSamples&categoryId=23&WT.mc_id=autopr01

Taiwantrade Provides Customized Services and Holds “Cash-Back” Activity

Taiwantrade is Taiwan’s one-and-only national business-to-business online trade platform and operated by Taiwan’s most important trade promotion organization, TAITRA. Taiwantrade is moreover cooperating with the well-known international online payment system PayPal, providing overseas buyers a safe, reliable online transaction mechanism. Three sample-product sourcing centers---“World No. 1—Taiwan’s Hardware! Are You Aware?”, “Taiwan--Biking Ahead of the Future,” “Green ICT, Taiwan Lets You See!” and “Taiwan–Where Quality Parts Are From”--have so far been set up on Taiwantrade. Besides buying samples of Taiwan’s superior products, buyers also have a chance to win great “Cash-Back” Prizes.

Want to join? Go to “Shopping Rebate & Cash-Back Lucky Draw” Activity’s website http://cashback.taiwantrade.com.tw. To get more information on the sourcing centers, please go to http://ilovemit.taiwantrade.com.tw/. All buyers can also find more information on suppliers through Taiwantrade. Please go to www.taiwantrade.com.tw to browse suppliers’ details.

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Contact Person: Lily Hong
Tel: 886-2-2725-5200 ext.1767

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