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Machining Center Maker Litz Hitech Corp. Doubles Production Efficiency

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 08 February 2013

Litz’s new facility layout has optimized floor usage to allow more room for assembly. Now the floor can support the simultaneous assembly of over one hundred machining centers and still has much space to spare.


With the company’s new on-the-fly supply management system, the shop floor is no longer cramped by parts and components awaiting assembly. Instead, only the necessary parts for each stage of assembly are supplied to the individual assembly stations on the fly.


Litz’s updated manufacturing execution system (MES) has also allowed real-time reporting of problems encountered by workers, and the solutions can be provided instantly to significantly enhance efficiency.


Litz’s consolidated revenue last year reached a new high of US$87.5 million, and is aiming to reach US$168 million within the next few years.



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