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Luxgen Eyes Middle East Market

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 12 October 2012

Luxgen Motor said it is in talks with dealers in Saudi Arabia and plans to sign a dealership agreement there by the end of this year as part of its efforts to sell cars in the Middle East.

Luxgen Motor President K.C. Hu said international luxury car brands have long been vying for strong purchasing power in the Middle East, and Luxgen Motor will now join them to grasp a share of the market.

Hu said his company will use high-tech features in Luxgen models to polish the image of the brand in the Middle East and attract buyers there.

Luxgen Motor said it has marked 2013 as the year in which it will increase its sales in the global market by extending its worldwide reach.

Besides Oman, Luxgen Motor has made inroads into several other countries, such as the Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Laos and Russia.



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