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Long-Awaited TADTE 2015 ready for take-off!

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 28 May 2015

After two years, the highly anticipated TADTE (Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition) will unfold at TWTC Exhibition Hall 1 from August 13-16.This exclusive event for national defense and aviation industries joins the procurement pros with the aerospace industries and national defense weapons and equipment providers at a perfect platform to sign the deals.

This year’s expo highlights the "Aerospace Machine Tools Area" that has won praise for targeting Taiwan’s strengths in machine-tool production. Five companies including Chmer and You-ji have registered for the pavilion that profile the high-precision sophisticated features of aerospace machine tool producers.

American companies such as LOCKHEED MARTIN will showcase aerospace electronics, warfare ships/landing craft systems and equipment and military equipment; Aero Precision will be displaying military aerial vehicles and components; while Rockwell Collins will be exhibiting aircraft communications and satellite communication systems.

Furthermore, MILATEK UG from Germany will be exhibiting microwave data communication systems and aerospace components and parts. TENG TOOLS from Sweden will be showing aircraft maintenance tools.

For the first time the exhibition also features a flight training service. The APEX Flight Academy from Taitung is out to inspire many interested visitors to reach for the skies. The training school offers videos and the basics on instrument flight rules, private pilot licenses and commercial pilot training.

Soaring prospect for the Aerospace
The aerospace technology industry has continued to develop steadily with overall revenue of the aviation industry in 2014 reaching US$ 2.9 billion according to CAID. Taiwan's aerospace industry leader Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) will be paving the way for Taiwan's aerospace companies' market to expand and to enter the global market.

Growth propelled by UAVs!
UAVs have taken off with expanded military and private use in everything from reconnaissance, policing, bombing, crop spraying and border patrols. UAVs are used to obtain rare live shots from dangerous locations and for search and rescue. UAVs are constantly being upgraded with better navigation systems, cameras, sensors and accessories and Taiwan leads the way!

Already 12 UAV companies have registered for TADTE, including GEOSAT and K-Best Tech who are exhibiting wireless and microwave communication equipment. Meanwhile Carbon-Based Tech and Thunder Tiger are displaying unmanned aircraft surveillance systems, unmanned military aircrafts and smart unmanned aerial vehicles.

Also at the expo will be the Advanced Rocket Research Center (ARRC) whose mission is to develop a carrier rocket to realize the dream of creating Taiwanese manufactured rockets and sending into orbit the island’s first satellites.
National Defense Pavilion with high-tech ready to go!   
Ministry of National Defense R.O.C. (Taiwan) will display many fresh innovations in aviation and tech applications. This is where to scout Taiwan's latest weapons, national defense R&D results & applications, disaster relief equipment and the latest defense approaches by the Army, Navy, Air Force, Chung Cheng Institute of Technology of National Defense University, National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology and the Materiel Production Center under the Armaments Bureau.

TADTE joins the talent, kit and tech for every situation reaching from sea bed to outer space and everywhere in between. It’s Taiwan’s exclusive show on space, military and avionics!  

Frances Tseng <tsengfy@taitra.org.tw>


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