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Leading convenience stores exploring mobile apps to boost sales

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 02 April 2015

Two major convenience store chains in Taiwan are trying to introduce mobile apps to give customers access to a greater range of services and boost sales as e-commerce could soon revolutionize the convenience store industry.


American and Japanese retailers are already starting to develop new forms of omni-channels that combine the advantages of in-store shopping and online shopping by aggressively investing in acquiring or merging with e-commerce enterprises.


Taiwan, which has the highest concentration of convenience stores of any country in the world, is now poised to follow suit in developing e-commerce.


President Chain Store Corp., which operates Taiwan's largest convenience store chain, said it is currently building a big data and cloud computing system and developing omni-channel payment solutions.


Taiwan FamilyMart Co., the country's second-largest convenience store operator with 2,929 stores, is also introducing mobile apps on a trial basis. In some of its brick and mortar stores, it has installed iBeacon -- the name of Apple's technology standard -- which allows mobile apps to listen for signals and promotional information from iBeacons in physical stores and react accordingly.


FamilyMart said the rapid growth of e-commerce will soon blur the line between online and offline commerce and prompt brick and mortar retailers to shift to the new business model by strengthening the development of infrastructure, mobile apps and omni-channel marketing strategy.


Source: Focus Taiwan
Chia-yi Lin (franceslin@taitra.org.tw)


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