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Kaohsiung Food Show 2015- Savor the essence of Taiwan this November!

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 17 August 2015

Nothing in south Taiwan brings together every facet of food like the coming Kaohsiung Int’l Food Show that joins the vast food and factory production of central and south Taiwan. This event builds upon the stunning success of last year’s expo that spurred great business by drawing 251 exhibitors from 9 countries to use 500 booths.

KFS 2015 spotlights every facet and flavor of Taiwan food this Nov. 5 to 8 at Kaohsiung Exhibition Center with full servings of sea and agricultural products, and vegetarian and organic produce. Nearby are select meat and dairy products, frozen foods and deserts, coffee, tea and a rich collection of alcoholic beverages.

KFS joins a winning list of food companies with the finest and freshest foods. Taste the latest offered by Greenmax, Wei-I Foodstuff Co. Ltd., Haw-Di-I Foods Co. Ltd., Long Kow, D.E Chung Hua Foods, King To Nin Jiom Medicine Manufactory, Land Young Foods, Billion Country Trading, Soon yi, Ping and Roung Products Co.

And with KFS comes the premiere Kaohsiung HORECA .This expo targets the hotel, catering and restaurant industry with different catering and culinary supplies while profiling a vast array of coming food & cultural events around the island.

3 Reasons NOT to Miss Kaohsiung Food

Year-Round Fruit Feast

Kaohsiung accounts for a majority of Taiwan’s fresh fruit produce, including pineapples, papayas, longans, bananas, bell apples, golden mangos, guavas, jujubes and litchis (Yu He Bao).Every season is produce season in Kaohsiung. .

Glorious City of Seafood

You may already be very familiar with the top quality sashimi and ultra-low temperature tuna exported from Kaohsiung. More select products such as fresh and processed squid, pacific saury (sanma), salted mackerel fillet, frozen mullet roe, golden shrimp XO sauce, perch fish floss, collagen jelly and milkfish ball are starring at this show.

Zesty Combos of Flavor

Robust select lists of ingredients bring a zing to Kaohsiung’s food processing sector that’s renowned for quality, selection and output. Countless food and souvenir brands and start-ups have leveraged this strength to their advantage.

Here’s your chance to mix your own winning combo of flavor and partners.

For more information visit www.foodkh.com.tw


Fiona Wu (fiona517@taitra.org.tw)


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