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ITMA 2015-The Taiwanese Textile Machinery Industry

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 20 November 2015

Technology, sustainability and innovation: these are the unuique qualities of the Taiwanese textile machinery industry and the topics discussed during the international press conference Dress the Future, which was organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) during ITMA 2015. This occasion brought 5 Taiwanese companies (PaiLung, AK Dyeing Machine, ACME, Jen Haur, and CCI Tech) to strengthen their global reputation and exhibit their leading products in Italy, which represents one of the most strategic markets for Taiwanese exports in the textile industry. Italy is the 4th largest market for Taiwanese textile machinery exports.

In just 50 years, Taiwan has transformed from an agricultural economy to one of the most technologically advanced countries not only in Asia, but worldwide. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2013-2014, Taiwan ranked eighth in terms of innovation and was the top nation globally in terms of the state of its cluster development. A large part of Taiwan’s success can be attributed to the machinery industry’s success of positioning themselves as key players in the international market. Evidence of this is demonstrated by the export figures that see an increase in exports of 2.9%, from US $3.41 billion in 2014 to US $3.51 billion in 2015.

The mix of innovation and green technology, and the ability of Taiwanese companies to respond efficiently to the needs of the international market, in terms of producing eco-sustainable products and machinery, have enabled Taiwan’s companies to gain considerable marketshare and have allowed Taiwanese producers to increase their exports to China, the United States, Japan and Italy.

The cutting edge technology of the machinery for the textile and dyeing materials, together with the software used and the expertise of highly skilled engineers, are features that allow companies to offer at B2B specialized functions, quality and more comprehensive services that reflect the market’s needs. These are the characteristics of the 5 Taiwanese companies at ITMA 2015:

•PaiLung is a global leader of knitting machines. Its powerful knitting machines are custom built for brands, designers, textile manufactures, and contractors in the fashion, home, healthcare, and environmental textile industries. 

•AK Dyeing Machine and ACME are companies with a strong commitment to the development of environmentally friendly dyeing technologies and the reduction of wastewater. Their machines reduce wastewater by 40% to 65%.

•CCI Tech is the leader of sampling solutions for the weaving industries. CCI Tech provides the most innovative tools for fabric sampling, new designs development as well as small quantity production.

•Jen Haur has 39 years of experience and has produced machines capable of working 24 hours a day, achieving maximum output for the production of high quality textiles.

Ms Fu – Ling Huang, the Director of the Taiwan Trade Center Milano said, “It has been an honor for us to support and promote Taiwan’s presence at ITMA, a country with the highest density of high tech companies and is first in the world for patent activity. Our participation in Milan is definitely a great opportunity for our textile industry and will help businesses acquire a higher level of competitiveness in the global market. Exhibitions play an important role in the development of our companies, they offer the opportunity to show high quality and innovative technology that is environmentally conscious”.

Information about Taiwan Excellence / Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA  /  TAITRA and TAMI :

The symbol of Taiwan Excellence was established in 1992 by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, and subsequently the Taiwan Excellence Selection was launched the following year. The selection is based on the distinct criteria of R&D, quality, design and marketing. Taiwan Excellence awarded products using cutting-edge innovation and meeting the highest quality will represent Taiwan on the international stage to reinforce the buyer’s confidence and continue building a favorable impression for Taiwanese products. This year marks the 22nd selection, making the symbol of Taiwan Excellence a prestigious brand for enterprises in Taiwan to strive to be recognized by and is highly reputed throughout the world.
Please visit www.taiwanexcellence.org for more information.

Organized by:
The Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), under The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) of Taiwan, is responsible for implementing policies and regulations governing foreign trade, economic cooperation, and foreign investments. Established in January 1969, the BOFT's role and position have undergone continual adjustments to meet the needs of the shifting international economic and trade environment. The BOFT has been guiding and working with the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) in numerous trade promotion projects and activities both internationally and domestically. Having worked closely with TAITRA for many decades, the BOFT continues to entrust TAITRA with various critical government projects relating to trade and investments, promoting Taiwan on every international aspect.

Implemented by:
Founded in 1970 to help promote foreign trade, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) is the foremost non-profit, semi-governmental trade promotion organization in Taiwan. Jointly sponsored by the government, industry associations, and several commercial organizations, TAITRA assists Taiwanese businesses with reinforcing their international competitiveness and in coping with the challenges they face in foreign markets. TAITRA boasts a well-coordinated trade promotion and information network consisting of over 1,200 trained specialists stationed throughout its Taipei headquarters and their 60 branches worldwide. Together with its sister organizations, the Taiwan Trade Center (TTC) and Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), TAITRA has created a wealth of trade opportunities through effective promotion strategies.

The Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) is the biggest association of all kinds of industrial machinery in Taiwan. TAMI organizes domestic and international trade fairs, machinery promotion delegations, visits and receptions of overseas businesses or technical institutes, so as to create business opportunities. Furthermore, TAMI assists member companies in establishing solid business relationships with buyers from all over the world.
TAMI hosts the Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS), Taipei International Plastics & Rubber Industry Show (TAIPEIPLAS), Taipei Manufacturing Technology Show (MTduo) and INTERWOOD TAIPEI. In addition, TAMI organizes delegations to take part in selected international trade fairs. By means of group participation, TAMI established its Taiwan Pavilion to boost the image of Taiwan-made products and create future business opportunities.
Please visit http://www.tami.org.tw for more information.


Catherine Wu(chaolin.wu@taitra.org.tw)


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