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Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 30 June 2011

New growing concerns include green energy, environmental protection and carbon reduction. In response, the woodworking machinery industry has striven to improve performance, speed and yield capacity of their products to reduce waste and protect the Earth's environment.

Apart from maximizing the use of timber, vendors are now adopting green materials for wiring, coating and packaging wherever possible in order to comply with international regulations and reduce pollution from waste materials.

Customs statistics from Taiwan indicate that the U.S. was Taiwan's largest export market for woodworking machinery for many years. In 2010 however China replaced the U.S. as the leading destination for Taiwanese woodworking machinery. In that year, China accounted for 27.88% of all exports, a significant increase on the 16.82% in 2009.

In January this year, China accounted for a staggering 33.35% of woodworking machinery exports. China's share of Taiwanese exports is expected to continue growing in the future so the most important issue now for the industry is how to take the lead in this massive market.

Seminars are an extension of trade shows. The sharing of information and technology assists business to increase the safety and added value of their machinery products. As such the Information Communication Technology Value Added Application Conference on Day 1 aims to help businesses to improve the added value of their machinery products and will include sample technologies and applications.

The Safety Technology of Woodworking Machinery in the European Union seminar on Day 2 (July 8) will introduce the European Union's CE certification process and share experiences they have encountered with various safety designs. Businesses can learn how they can comply with the latest international regulations, improve the designs of their machinery and upgrade the safety of their equipment.

The Exhibition & Buyers' Night on Day 3 of the show (July 9) is a very popular event. Over the years, the fine cuisine and exciting performances have not only entertained hosts and guests alike but have also left strong impressions. Winning vendors and products of the excellent product design competition will also be announced during the evening. The competition is intended to inspire innovative thinking and serve as a catalyst to boost industry interest in product design. The strong vendor participation underscores just how much Taiwan vendors value innovative R&D and design.

The show will run for four days from July 7 through to July 10 on the 4th floor of the TWTC NANGANG Exhibition Hall. This feast of new products, new technologies and new ideas will unveil new horizons in woodworking machinery and materials to define lifestyles and technology for the industry and the market.


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