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Innovative Taiwan-Made Clam-Shell Calcium Tablet Transforms Waste into Gold

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 05 January 2011

The freshwater clam--Corbicula fluminea Muller--is an indigenous species unique to Taiwan. After twenty years of efforts, Taiwan’s EVERGREEN BIO-MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has successfully utilized biotechnology to extract clam essence from the freshwater clam, and the clam shells are made into calcium tablets. The transformation of the clam shells into calcium tablets in particular not only saves a huge amount of money on waste management for EVERGREEN, it also creates new business opportunities in both the Japanese and Chinese health food markets.

EVERGREEN uses the techniques of chelation and patented Probiomin activation to chelate waste clam shells into nanonized amino acid calcium and make it into clam calcium tablet that is easily absorbable by human body. This groundbreaking innovation in biotechnology has significantly raised the absorbability of clam calcium by human body and won a gold medal award at the 2008 Seoul International Invention Fair.

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