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Fuji to Challenge 1 Million Bicycles’ Sales Volume in 5 Years

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 08 December 2010

The Asia headquarters of the American bicycle company, Advanced Sports Inc. (ASI), which gained its fame from marketing Fuji bicycles, is formed by ASI and the Taiwanese IDEAL BIKES. The general manager of Advanced Sports International-Asia Ltd., Zhang Yuanbin, has expressed that the global sales volume of ASI this year is expected to reach around 350,000 to 400,000 bicycles and the company hopes to challenge a sales volume of 1 million bicycles in five years.

Because China is populous and its economy is surging, plus the “one-child” policy that passes down a family’s wealth to only one child, by now a large number of Chinese people is capable of purchasing the medium to high-priced Fuji bicycles. As a result, both Japan and China will be target markets of ASI-Asia. The Fuji brand in China will mainly feature bicycles of medium to high-unit-prices, especially mountain bikes.

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