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Exotic cuisine from 36 countries meets in Food Taipei

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 29 June 2015

Craving for a cross-country gastronomy journey? Organized by Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Taipei International Food Show gathers exotic cuisine from 36 countries all at once before your eyes from June 24 to 27 at Nangang Exhibition Hall and TWTC Hall 1.

A strong line-up of national pavilions will participate in the grand show, including the U.S., South Korea, Japan, Canada, Spain, Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand, Belgium, Central America, Brazil, Peru and Argentina. In addition, several newcomers, which are Germany, Poland, Holland, Paraguay, Bosnia and Herzegovina, will also be showcasing their rich gastronomy, inviting all visitors to have a unique flavor experience.

During the exhibition period, all pavilions will make their best effort to display special food and fresh ingredients. For instance, Korean kimchi, snacks and beverages; all kinds of treats and sake from Japan; U.S. meats; Canadian ginseng and cranberry; coffee, seafood and organic agricultural produce from Central America; wine and beer from Belgium; spices and instant food from Thailand; Pisco sour and nutritious quinoa grains from Peru, Fiji’s organic noni juice as well as Fiji Water; palm oil from Malaysia and Julie’s cookies; rice noodles and cashew nuts from Vietnam and Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka.

Among many highlights, the Spanish pavilion will invite professional chefs to roll out a cooking show by using Serrano ham that can finally be imported to Taiwan legally; just thinking about it makes your mouth water. The Poland pavilion brings apple juice and all kinds of dairy products such as yogurt and cheese from Mlekovita, the biggest dairy company in the country. And in the German pavilion, you will find natural sparkling water and wine. The diversity of Food Taipei can be fully experienced in national pavilions.

Moreover, Taiwan Pavilion, organized by the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, has carefully selected a total of 99 quality Taiwanese companies to showcase delicacies of the island themed on “Creative agriculture, Eat Joyfully.” Moreover, a special area dedicated to 10 innovative products is organized this year, including One Bite Mullet Roe, Ach Magnac, American Thick Cut Bacon, Garlic Pearl Taiwanese Sausage, Rice stick, Zhen Fang Sea Active Caviar & Peptide, GongLiao-Abalone, Rice House: Fu Rice and Happiness Gift Box, Fisherman's Wife Delicacies-Mullet Roe and Dried Tangerine.

The national pavilions will be located both at Nangang Exhibition Hall and TWTC Hall 1 with an extraordinary scale, occupying more than 600 booths. Visit Taipei International Food Show -- not only will you be able to see exotic cuisine from many different countries but it is also the best venue for you to purchase, develop new channels and step up to the international market.

Eva Chuang (evachuang@taitra.org.tw)


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