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Enhance your expo experience-Giftionery Taipei 2015 Show App

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 24 April 2015

Click NOW for the Giftionery App Download


Great news! The Giftionery Taipei 2015 Show App is now available to download. Smooth your visit with tips on every part of the expo. Download your choice of IOS Version and Android Version NOW!


Use this new App to: 
- Be better organized to set up and keep appointments with key players and contacts.
-     Zap up QR Codes at show booths to later check websites, products and bio-data. (You can even paste their stuff over your own notes!).     
- Review the Photo-Profile to view red-hot show products and events.


Thousands of visitors and exhibitors at the last event praised this App for pinpointing their perfect products and targets, and even more will be clicking on this year!   


This new improved App reflects the dynamism and wonder of Giftionery 2015, hi tech’s global showcase with a thousand faces staged by TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Council).


Make the most of the expo by clicking on the App NOW at:
App Download


Welber Wang (welber@taitra.org.tw)
Section 7, Exhibition Department


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