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Discover a Whole New Way of Lighting via TILS 2015

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 17 April 2015

The Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS) 2015 held from March 25 to 28 featured a series of events that show innovative and creative power of Taiwan Lighting industry.

Innovative Product Award
The organizers have hosted the Innovative Product Awards contest for many years, a total of 12 products were nominated this year by industrial experts from innumerable products, which is separated in two categories: Lighting Systems and Lighting Accessories. All the nominated products possess important features such as energy saving, innovation and market competitiveness, and were displayed on site and the awards went to TP Lighting Technology’s LED Non-glare AR111, Shinyu Light Co. Ltd.’s LED E40 Bell light, Delta electronics Inc.’s Intelligently-controlled LED Street Light and the High Performance LED Power Supply with PWM Style Output- PWM Series by Mean Well Enterprises Co.

There were also seminars given by industry experts to help participants acquiring new knowledge and thinking. Highlights were:

LED Lighting Measurement and Standards in Japan and Taiwan
Taiwan and Japan have maintained a close relationship and a high degree of complementarity in the lighting industry. The seminars aimed to promote LED lighting measurement standard platform, with speakers Mr. Doro Masanori and Mr. Hajime Suto from the Japan Quality Assurance Organization shared the status of LED lighting standards and certification and also predicted the future trend of the photovoltaic lighting industry.

Cross-strait Lighting Industrial Seminar: the Internet of Things and lighting application
In the recent years with the rise of the Internet of Things, commercial lighting, home lighting and outdoor lighting concepts have been applied in all aspects of daily life, with manufacturers from mainland China playing a significant role. Professor Li Nong of the Architecture and Urban Planning Institute of Beijing University, along with Lin Ji-liang, General manager of marketing for Forest Lighting Ltd. and manager of Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute, Chou Pei-Ting of the Institute of Electronics and Optoelectronics, shared insights in development trends of this rapidly growing industry.

International Symposium on Global Lighting Industry: New Critical Territory in Global Lighting Market

Due to Energy shortages resulting in high electricity bills, buy also due to low per-capita income, LED lighting has had difficulty penetrating the South Asian market. However with lower prices in recent years, the lighting industry has arrived at an important opportunity. This year’s honored guests were Deepak Loomba of De Core Nanosemiconductors from India and Dr. Dai Fanzhen executive officer of the Institute for Business Development. Both shared valuable insights into emerging markets as well as the outlook for Taiwan’s lighting Industry.

Feast of Light: Lighting Design Conference
Several top professional lighting designers shared their unique designs in lighting along with global trends, as well as breakthroughs in Taiwan’s leading lighting design innovation. Eric Hsieh, Design Director of Nespace Design & Construction Co., Ltd. shared his strategies of the application of smart lighting upon interior design and the audience responses were overwhelming.

Cyndi Hsu (cyndi@taitra.org.tw)


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