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Cultural Gems

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 05 August 2011

The Council for Cultural Affairs and National Hsinchu Living Art Center held a celebration for the island’s cultural gems and jewelries on July 11 (2011). The event’s theme covered Taiwan’s cultures, traditions, and religions. In Chinese culture people believe auspicious gem stones, especially jade, can bring good luck and fortune. People also use gem stones to gain blessings and ward against evil.

The event showcased Taiwanese designers’ innovations which brought modern designs into a traditional craft. Their designs represented Taiwan’s culture and were particularly meaningful as souvenirs for tourists to remember Taiwan with.

According to statistics from Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau, over a quarter of souvenirs purchased by Chinese tourists when they visited Taiwan in 2010 were jewelries and gem stone merchandizes. The most popular of which included the “three gems of Taiwan”: Taiwanese coral, Taiwanese sapphire, and Taiwanese jade.

The Council for Cultural Affairs is working to integrate Taiwan’s gem stone community, setup regulations, and help forge Taiwan’s brands to promote Taiwan’s cultural gem stones industry.

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