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Cross-Strait Biomedical Industries’ Cooperation to Overcome Legal Obstacles

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 23 September 2010

In China’s healthcare reform policies, the government invests hundreds of billions of Chinese yuans (RMB) to establish the country’s foundational healthcare system. The real meaning behind the policies is in fact to nurture the development of China’s biomedical industry. Also because large-scale pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies from around the world have one by one set up research and development centers and production sites in China, it is foreseeable in the near future that China’s biomedical industry will grow dramatically when both domestic and overseas capital and technologies fall into right places.

How to overcome legal obstacles to make Taiwanese manufacturers’ entry into the China market smoother and wider is the expectation of Taiwan’s healthcare industry for the Taiwan government. The top priority is to form a mutually approved certification mechanism which could be based on the American or European regulations. The mutually approved certification mechanism could simplify administrative work process while establishing a standardized system and accelerate the development of the industries of both Taiwan and China.

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