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Connected car solution for logistic centers by Hamgshing

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 26 February 2015

Hamgshing Technology Corp., one of the world’s top three car antenna makers, recently introduced its latest advances in connected car technology.


According to Hamgshing, its connected solutions can enable logistic centers to monitor vehicles in real time. With sensors monitoring information about a vehicle and its driver, values such as vehicle idling time and driver heart rate can be relayed back to the logistic center and in turn enhance safety and efficiency.


Moreover, Hamgshing’s solution can enable a logistic center to keep track of important vehicle statistics such as car temperature, cabin humidity, vibration, sway, and report back unusual readings in the first instance to greatly improve road safety.


Hsin-ju Chang (eileen0311@taitra.org.tw)
Source: Chinatimes


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