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Car shipments at Taipei port nearly doubled in '10

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 06 April 2011

The number of automobiles handled through the Port of Taipei reached 78,000 in 2010, a 94 percent increase over the previous year due to economic recovery, the Keelung Harbor Bureau said yesterday.

The major operational center for car transshipment in northern Taiwan, the Port of Taipei handled 65 percent of automobiles imported to Taiwan and 90 percent of auto exports in 2010.

“Our land is becoming so packed with cars that we have to park some of them on the roads,” said bureau official Shia Hai-jung.

Expecting to see the volume of car shipments exceed 100,000 this year because of the improving economy, Shia said the port hopes to become the hub for car transshipment in the Asia-Pacific region on the strength of its excellent Port Installation Options (PIO) service. PIO is a process by which port workers put finishing touches on new cars before they ship to overseas destinations.

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