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Buyers Attends African Day, Reaches $45M Business Opportunities

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 23 November 2015

The African Day organized by the BOFT and the African Group and implemented by TAITRA and ATEF was successfully held on Oct 19 and 20.

The procurement brokerage event took place on the 19th and the African Market Forum was on the 20th, along with the signing of the MOU.

There were more than 50 buyers from 14 African countries, which included Egypt, Morocco, South Africa and Nigeria. The procurement items covered communication, machinery, electronics, green energy, textile etc.

The event was a huge success, generating $45 million in business opportunities. Over 200 domestic suppliers took part in 430 brokerage meetings.

Among the African guests are important buyers like LABORATORIES VENUS S.A.P.E.CO from Algeria, which is a first-class shampoo manufacturing and packaging company with over $80 million in annual revenue.

Others like Vitafoam Nigeria Plc (Algeria), AMMOUR & Cie (Algeria), PROPAL (Algeria), Oriental Outsourcing Company (Sudan), Otak Company (Sudan) and CONCEPT EMBALLAGE (Algeria) have annual revenue over $50 million.


Three of the participating companies have revenue higher than $25 million: SOLAM (Morocco), Vulcan Catering/Bakery Equipment (South Africa) and University of Medical Sciences and Technology and Hospital (Sudan).

Since Taiwanese companies find the African market difficult to access, this event is a great opportunity for them to have better understanding of Africa.

Both Transcend and Nan Ya Plastics attended this event, hoping to expand into the African market.

The African Market Forum held on the 20th with distinguished guests from 9 African countries invited to give presentations. 7 out of 9 companies also participated in the seminar.

Meanwhile, Peter Huang, president & CEO of TAITRA, signed an MOU with Mr. Derick Kirunga., director of the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UNCCI) to establish a mutually beneficial business relationship on the 20th. In addition, the MOU signed by Mr. Huang and Seth Adjei Baah, the president of Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was made on the 21st to improve bilateral business relationship.

Mr. Huang noted that Uganda has a great business potential because its location makes it the center of the Eastern African market. In addition, Uganda has rich natural resources and commodities like tea, coffee and sea food.


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