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Brimoon advances Taiwan’s softshell turtle industry

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 28 July 2015

Brimoon Enterprise Co., Ltd. is the first company in Taiwan to integrate the farming of softshell turtles with biotech research, brand marketing, OEM service, and recreational factory tours.


Brimoon was established in 2010 by the son of a veteran softshell turtle farmer. The company currently operates a 4 hectare farm in Pingtung County in Southern Taiwan. In the company’s first two years, Brimoon was engaged in the research and development of basic health supplements.


With its own farming facilities and steady supply of softshell turtles, in its third year Brimoon began developing advanced products for international pharmaceutical companies.


The company’s latest offering is an advanced powder extract made from the unfertilized eggs of softshell turtles. The powder is designed for pets, especially dogs, to promote their hair growth.


Taiwan is currently the world’s largest exporter of softshell turtles and fertilized softshell turtle eggs. However, only a handful of companies in the country are engaged in biotech research and developing new products to launch onto the market.


The majority of Taiwan’s softshell turtles are exported to mainland China, Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand, where they are highly valued as rare culinary delicacies.


In Taiwan, softshell turtles have an annual export value of US$24 million and are ranked as the country’s second largest aquatic exports.


Estefania Chang (singwen818@taitra.org.tw)
Source: CNA
Photo: https://brimoon.mymy.tw/


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