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Auto Electrical Parts of Taiwan’s Duright Are Hot

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 18 March 2011

Taiwan’s professional auto electrical parts OEM maker Duright has developed a light booster that can change the intensity of auto headlights, providing the best solution for solving the problem of aging of auto headlights.

The core technology of Duright’s light booster is an inverter which can enhance the intensity of both head and fog lamps. The light bulbs of both kinds of lamps can sustain the light for a long time and need not be changed frequently. In other words, the light booster extends the lifespan of the light bulbs and is an economical replacement for “High Intensity Discharge” (HID).

Besides auto electrical parts, Duright’s main products also include auto A/C products, relays, flashers, and all kinds of blower switches. Duright aims to sell its products to and generate brilliant profits in the North American and emerging markets.

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