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Auto Dealer Optimistic on Domestic Car Demand

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 09 November 2011

Although Taiwan faces the intensifying European sovereign debt crisis and a stronger Japanese yen, its automobile market will not shrink, said Justin Su, Hotai's president, who added that his company is likely to post a 13-percent increase compared with last year.

The company also expressed optimism that its market share will reach 32 percent and that its total car sales will hit 118,400 units, including 111,100 units of Toyota and 7,300 of Lexus.

To conform with industry trends, Su said, two more models of “green cars” will be available in 2012 — making a total of seven models — to coincide with the company's plan of making 2012 the first year of what it is calling the “Green Car Era.”

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