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APEC Forum Takes On Digital Divide

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 04 August 2011

During the opening ceremony of the ADOC 2.0 digital opportunity forum held from July 26 to July 27, Minister of Economic Affairs Shih Yen-shiang recalled that during the APEC leadership summit in Bangkok in 2003, Taiwan proposed the formation of ADOC, or the APEC Digital Opportunity Center, in the hope of diminishing the digital divide in member APEC nations with Taiwan's technology capabilities and prowess.

According to Shih, ADOC has drawn 10 members and set up 81 centers overseas, where over 240,000 talents have been trained. The proportion of women to be trained has increased from 16 percent of the total to this year's 25 percent.

ADOC has also worked to enhance the digital abilities of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to help them gain more business. Attendees at the forum included Stan Shih, founder of Acer Inc., who doubles as the convener of the ADOC 2.0 Project Instructions Committee.

He said improvements in digital hardware and software have contributed to devices' ease of use, which is conducive to narrowing the digital divide.

He lauded contributions made by Taiwan's personal computer, flat panel and semiconductor manufacturers, which have helped create products with high quality and low cost.


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