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An Open Standard for GPS Info

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 05 August 2011

Open GeoSMS is an open standard allowing users to send info regarding their whereabouts via SMS. The open standard can work on different platforms, including cell phones, GPS, and the internet.

The new standard can effectively solve compatibility issues between different devices and networks. Taiwan is the first country in Asia to propose and lead such a standard at Open Geospatial Consortium Inc., an international standard organization for the development of geospatial services. It is expected that OGC will give Open GeoSMS the go ahead by the end of this year (2011).

ITRI pointed out that there has never been a common standard for GPS info, and the lack of which limited the development of applications. This open standard essentially allows industries to come up with better applications. Applications already in the works include road side services, cab services, travel services, web tools, and real estate marketing tools.

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