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Acer Partners with Velocite for Bike Manufacturing

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 05 October 2012

At the Cycle Show trade fair, which was held Sept. 27-30 in the United Kingdom, Velocite CEO Victor Major used an Acer AT350 F2 server to demonstrate the air flow in Velocite's latest bike frame in real time.

"Having powerful computing equipment to run advanced simulations can help avoid the guess work and the possibility of an error-prone human analysis of bike design," Major pointed out.

The Acer AT350 F2 high-end server supported the powerful Intel Xeon E5 series processors and the latest graphics processing chips from Nvidia Corp.

In 2011, Acer had helped upgrade the data center of the Ferrari Formula One team through the use of high-speed computing infrastructure and solutions. Acer’s servers simulated F1 cars' behavior under the most extreme weather conditions.




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