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2015 Taiwan International Photovoltaic and Green Industry Show

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 13 November 2015

2015 Taiwan International Photovoltaic Exhibition (PV Taiwan), jointly organized by TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council) & SEMI, and 2015 Taiwan International Green Industry Show (TiGiS), jointly organized by TAITRA & Expo Union Corporation, open concurrently at Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall today (October 14th).  For the next three days through October 16th, these two exhibitions bring together 278 companies from Taiwan and abroad, occupying over 600 stands, to showcase the latest in application of solar energy technologies, solar power generation systems and related equipment, and on green energy, water technology, and low carbon & environmental technologies. The event covers all that’s hot in renewable energy technologies, and creates the most complete platform for exchanges in green energy industry.

In its 9th year, PV Taiwan will present 5 theme pavilions, including “PV System Pavilion,” “Equipment & Materials Pavilion,” “Testing & Certification Pavilion,” “HCPV Pavilion,” and “Innovative technology and products of PV system Pavilion” which assemble well-known companies ready to work together to advance into global renewable energy market. Highlights include 10 companies consisting of equipment manufactures and system vendors from Taiwan’s solar energy supply chan in the “Innovative System Integration and Products Pavilion” organized by BOE(Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs) and ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan), in order to assist them in joint international marketing of these solutions, and in seizing overseas business opportunities.  The Exhibition will have iCorner, a special zone on industry-academia research, with a theme on rooftop solar PV system, presenting technical papers on solar technologies from Taiwan and abroad, in the hope of accelerating innovation through further interaction and cooperation.

PV Taiwan Forum 2015 will be held during the Exhibition, inviting speakers from MOTECH, Neo Solar Power, and Giga Solar Materials Corp. to discuss in depth topics such as international market trends, energy storage, smart grid, advanced production technology, and PV systems, to benefit companies in photovoltaic industry interested in entering blue ocean markets. 

In its 7th year, 4 zones will be on display at 2015 TiGiS: clean energy, green environment, water technology, and green city. New Taipei City Green Industry Association will establish a “Pavilion on Green Industry”, gathering leading companies from the City and offering information on government projects and consulting services for participation in public works.

MOEA’s Green Trade Project Office will set up “ECO Power Station” in the outdoor zone, Nangang Exhibition Hall. It is powered by 24-hour-non-stop off-grid renewable energy system, also widely used in bicycle rental station, integrates solar pv’s power system, storage, and management. These features make it suitable for playing a phenomenal role in the future’s power system.

Several forums will be held in conjunction with the Show, covering issues including energy saving, carbon reduction, water industry, smart grid technologies.  2015 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Summit will look into the imminent trend towards greening of Taiwan industry, as the Financial Supervisory Commission requires listed companies to issue CSR reports.

Furthermore, “Green Booth Decoration Competition” will be held during the Show especially this year, for the sake of turning the concept of green exhibition into reality, and encouraging exhibitors to incorporate low-carbon, energy-saving concepts into stand decoration, as well as using environmentally friendly materials for stand construction. Winners will be announced on the 2nd and 3rd day, followed by the award ceremony. 

The most important goal for B2B trade shows is to generate business opportunities. TAITRA has mobilized its overseas branched in actively inviting important buyers from Europe, US and Japan to visit the above two exhibitions.  So far buyers from 16 countries have accepted and 404 meetings with exhibitors have been arranged.  In addition, the Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government, sponsors tickets for the Taipei 101 Observatory for international buyers, so they can enjoy sights and convenience of Taipei during their visit. 

Hsieh, Ting-Yu (tingyu@taitra.org.tw)


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