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2015 Chain and Franchise Brands Overseas Promotion Plan Provided by Taitra

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 21 May 2015

The chain and franchise industry of Taiwan has been developing towards internationalization. The proportion of overseas deployment and investment is also gradually increasing. Taiwan, as the industry technology transfer center, overseas expansion, brand licensing, personnel training, will lead to the export of the Taiwan raw materials. This kind of international development has become a successful and efficient business model for Taiwanese chain and franchise industries to follow.

This year, the Service Industry Promotion Center of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), set “Strengthen International Competiveness”, “Establish Brand Image and Marketing Promotion”, “Establish Business Match-Making Platform” and “Assist in Overseas Deployment and Strategic Cooperation” as the multi-directional promotion strategy for Taiwan chain and franchise brands. Complying with a series of guidance and consultation plans designed by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, TAITRA provides customized overseas deployment and business check-ups for potential Taiwanese companies, and provide subsidies for successful cases of overseas deployment. These will assist Taiwanese chains and franchise industries to enhance their international marketing ability and breakthrough the bottleneck of marketing. In order to speed up the pace for Taiwanese chain and franchise brands to go global through tailor-made marketing overseas plan, TAITRA launched the “Chain and Franchise Brands International Promotion Guidance Plan” for the first time in 2015.

This plan is one of the serial plans designed for Taiwan’s chain and franchise industry. The content includes four dimensions: business consultant, headquarters personnel training, international marketing, and business deployment and expansion. The selection committee was held on 8th May. There were 10 companies participation: WHM (Wu Hua Ma), Wang Chang Fa, Vasa, Shih Ding Gong, Flylink, Murano, Kaihua Food Inc., Hoki-tea, Inkism International, and Atunas.  

The Service Industry Promotion Center of TAITRA has been executing Taiwanese chain and franchise industry promotion since 2011. In order to promote Taiwanese chain and franchise brands, TAITRA provides a variety of overseas marketing resources and platforms. Some of the major promotional tasks are: holding industry economic forums, organizing exhibition groups and business opportunity trade missions overseas, arranging interaction and market channel inspections, assisting Taiwanese companies marketing internationally, and business deployment and expansion. In the second half year, TAITRA plans to organize the Taiwan Franchise brands Pavilion at the Shanghai Franchise Expo, the China Food and Drink Fair (Nanjing), and the Singapore Franchise Expo. Furthermore, TAITRA plans to organize a service industry trade mission to Thailand and Indonesia. Besides assisting Taiwanese companies in going towards the global market, TAITRA also assists these companies to enhance business management abilities. The complete market strategies will be proceeding in an orderly way and will be closely connected. Thus, the function of each promotional platform will be greatly enhanced to fully showcase the high quality of soft power of Taiwanese chain and franchise brands.


Nien-Hsuan, Chen (xtine@taitra.org.tw)


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