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2011 International Gift Market Trends

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 27 June 2018

The 2011 show’s highlights included two newly added exhibit categories, “green gifts” and “personal and well-being gifts”.

The newly added categories were indicative of the market’s trend for environmentally conscious and health-related products.

Another highlight was the exhibit area, “World of Gift Ideas”, where all sorts of innovative and idea-packed gifts were displayed.

Exhibition committee chairman, Jian-Fong Lin, pointed out that buyers were keen on multi-purposed and environmentally friendly products.

DIY decorative boxes made from recycled paper, organic bean dregs candles, and carry bags with solar-powered phone chargers were among the most asked-about products.

3D-themed products also won much attention. Souvenirs with 3D effects became the most popular among event goers.

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